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Moorish Architecture From Around the World

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I am going to review Moorish architecture in this video that is found around the world, both of examples that are still standing and in us today, and examples that are no longer in existence.

Most of the information presented in this video comes research that I have already done.

I am going to start at the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, considered to be one of the finest examples of Moorish architecture in Europe.

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  1. I mean really, I don’t know how you cannot believe you with the amount of detailed research that you’ve done. You know everything about everybody, it’s really quit astounding!

  2. Thank you Michelle for your sound factual research. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
    Its funny how I’ve felt it in my soul body and mind that something wasn’t right being colour coded in order for me to be detached from my nation.
    I have a nation and my ancestors contributed greatly all over the world.
    Thank you again for your sound factual research

  3. Great production. Incidentally, I graduated from the University In Galveston. It’s actually called The University of Texas Medical Branch.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Absolute awesome wrk Michelle….. discovered you thru Paul cook…your work on underground systems… I'm born n raised mid 70s Brixton sw London, start of Victoria line, home to electric Avenue, first street with electricity/apparently… any how by mid 80s at ripe old age of 10-17yrs I became a graffiti writer travelling to train and bus yards all over London daily.. just watching your video I'm mind blown…….when I start thinking back, I witnessed so many oddities tht made absolutely no sense….not relevant to this vid your 2nd I'm seeing…. other than I remember going on this nightmare 7hr coach journey with all my family when I was about 7yrs whilst on our annual Spanish holiday…. to some old castle/ palace = lol tht was the Alhambra…. keep up GRT wrk!!!!

  5. Beside the Moor of Spain/Portugal … not claiming to know I got this info during my public school Indoctrination, must have been in the last decade or so seeking what I may to learn what I find. Think I was looking at the Richat Structure/Eye of the Sahara which is likely not the capital city of Atlantis. In Northern Africa and toward the west coast, near a mountain range, is the spot. It is also in an land called Mauritania. That was also assumed to be one origin place of the culture know as the Moor. But … again … that's it? Moore of Mauritania … I was gonna do some satellite/street shots of anything which fits this video, and will go get onto that now. If I get anything interesting, might come edit this to let someone other take a look see

  6. I would highly suggest checking out a video on UNA Republic’s YT channel titled “North America Is Not Morocco”. In this video she breaks down all of the Treaties between the US and Morocco and sheds light on when and how Moors got to North America. Definitely worth a watch.

  7. The Moorish seal on the US dollar is exactly what it is. The Moorish Seal on one side and the Catholic Empire on the other. It's the agreement they had to but and run America.

  8. strange to think that around the turn of the century so many Europeans of wealth wanted to build Moorish edifices… and not small ones but major projects.. all in Moorish style… why would they do that? I would think they would want to build Greco Roman or something they culturally identify with… How were Moors and Muslims perceived in the West when these buildings were said to have been built? I know this is when the "Middle East" was being seen as a goldmine of oil production… but that was mainly Saudi Arabia… not particularly known for Moorish architecture but more of a desert culture and the Kaaba.. interesting to see how much has been hidden

  9. The MOORS are Black People. Style and Elegance. Then came the Underground People???????????????. Who pretend to have built everything. loooolllll…. Slowly and surely destroying or burning any evidence of the Past until it makes no sense.

  10. Check out this gem, written in 1722 by Pétis De La Croix, François – Aubin, Penelope in the Library of Congress database. De la Croix attempt to resist the reset of history as it was unfolding. Incredible read. Cheers!
    “The history of Genghizcan the Great, first emperor of the antient Moguls and Tartars : in four books: containing his life, advancement and conquests; with a short history of his successors to …

  11. Another great video Michelle! I just got back from st Augustine a couple of weeks ago. In the very back of the lightener museum (the old alcazar hotel), is what once was the worlds largest indoor swimming pool. Johnny Weissmuller use to train there before the olympics back in the day. I read somewhere that an artesian well fed the pool. I wonder if there is a link to artesian wells and starforts. So far I have found 4 starforts, or what’s left of them in the st. Augustine area. There is also a place called green cove springs a few miles from there that carries water to the ocean.

  12. Such beautiful architecture everywhere across the world, can be no coincidence. But what have they done with all the moorish peoples ? We are slowly learning of all the ways things have been covered up, or destroyed, or simply erased from memory. It is such a sad thing to destroy such beauty and ways of living together freely as ONE, but at the same time exciting to discover these truths, so that we may figure out how to make that happen again ! Thank you again Michelle, for all you do, and wishing you all the best in this new year, and all your future endeavors.


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